our services


How we do it…


You may simply want us to launch your business into the digital realm before handing you back the reins, or it may be that you want us to hang around forever, managing your social media, website and PR communications - we're flexible; what works for you will work for us. 

We're very sociable here (the clue's in the name, right?!);  we're big on engagement and we love to develop relationships with your followers. We’ll share your latest news and events alongside carefully curated material to capture the imagination of your target audience and add value to your digital presence.

We're good at talking but we'll never make noise just for the sake of it and we're pretty great at listening, too: we value the importance of listening to what people might be saying about you or your business or even what they are divulging about your competitors. And we keep a beady eye on those competitors for you.  We'll keep you in the loop and if questions are asked, we'll feed them right back to you as quickly as possible. 

We have a diverse range of clients and believe that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ package, so do get in touch for more info about our services and how we work.


what we do…



  • Ongoing management

  • Training and coaching

  • Employee advocacy training

  • Targeted Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads

  • Platform audits

  • Campaign planning and management


  • Email marketing

  • Content creation - blog/copywriting, graphics for social, infographics, photography, videography

  • Influencer marketing

  • PR activities


  • Business sites

  • E-commerce sites

  • Personal sites for bloggers or freelancers

  • Websites for one-off events or courses