International Women's Day


To mark International Women’s Day, 2019, we are celebrating some of the incredible women that we, Some Like It Social, have the very good fortune to work alongside. 

We asked Susan Vaughan, Director, Celtic Marches,  Julie Starr, Executive Business Coach, director of Starr Consulting, author and speaker, and Wendy Tarplee Morris, co-founder of The Little Princess Trust to share what they’ve learnt on their professional journeys.

Inspiring, brilliant and brave, these three women are pioneers in their individual sectors. Whatever stage of the work/life journey you are on, you’ll want to bookmark this page! 

Susan Vaughan, Director Celtic Marches

Susan Vaughan joined her brother Robert Hancocks on their family farm in Bishops Frome, Herefordshire, after giving up the rat race of major cider manufacturing and production. A passion for creating authentic English cider whilst nurturing a fantastic team in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside, Susan has developed a stunning, strong brand of internationally acclaimed cider, that regularly scoops up at awards ceremonies across the globe. (She’s also one of the most positive and enthusiastic people we have ever met)!

Susan’s pearls of wisdom:

  • Never give up - there is always a solution or at least a compromise

  • Do every task to the very best of your ability and you will have no regrets

  • Inspiration for new ideas is all around us keep - looking and listening

  • Always treat your employees how you would like to be treated

  • Never lose your sense of fair play

  • Believe in Karma

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Susan Vaughan at NACM with local MP Bill Wiggin

Susan Vaughan at NACM with local MP Bill Wiggin


Julie Starr, MD Starr Consulting, Author, Speaker, Executive Coach

Julie is a widely-respected authority on coaching, mentoring and personal development. Her books, The Coaching ManualBrilliant Coaching and The Mentoring Manual, are used in training programmes worldwide and she’s regularly invited to speak at conferences and lectures at home and overseas. Julie is also a fiction author for young adults – her second YA book is due for release later this year. In 2018 Julie featured in the world’s first coaching movie, ‘Leap’.

For a large part of the year, Julie dedicates her time to three charities in India: Food For Life VrindavanChildren Of Mother Earth (COME International) and Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home.

Julie’s pearls of wisdom:

  • The paradox of success is that easy, flowing and smooth, follows hard work, perseverance and forbearance

  • Treat yourself kindly, remember that right now you’re doing the best that you can

  • You can’t make good decisions from a state of emotional turbulence, don’t get dragged into emotional situations; find a way to stay detached

  • Remember that your excuses for not having, being or doing anything, only need to make sense to yourself

  • Don’t accept the position of victim to anything or anyone, you always have choice in any situation

  • Act from a sense of knowing that you are the source of your own experience

  • Your sense of empowerment arises from your willingness to accept your responsibility in situations

  • Responsible = ability to respond

  • Avoid being a ‘people pleaser’, seeking the approval of others over staying true to ourselves, is beyond foolhardy

  • Rest, relax, seek pleasure and a state of constant wellbeing, this is what you came for, to enjoy your life

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Julie Starr and Scruff

Julie Starr and Scruff


Wendy Tarplee-Morris, co-founder of The Little Princess Trust

Wendy co-founded The Little Princess Trust in 2006, after losing her daughter to cancer. The Little Princess Trust provides free, real-hair wigs to children and young people, up to the age of 24, who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment or other conditions.

When Wendy’s daughter, Hannah (the original Little Princess) lost her hair following treatment for a Wilms tumour, Wendy witnessed first-hand the devastating effect that hairloss had on a young child. Tragically, Hannah passed away in 2005. Her family received many offers of financial and practical help, so Wendy and Hannah’s father Simon, felt the most fitting tribute would be to launch a charity dedicated to providing real hair wigs for children and young people. Since then, the Trust has provided thousands of real hair wigs to children and young adults and is now in the early stages of offering its service in other areas of Europe and beyond.

Since 2016, The Little Princess Trust has also realised a life-long ambition to fund research projects into discovering better treatments for childhood cancer and has to date invested £2.8 million into childhood cancer research projects.

Wendy’s pearls of wisdom:

  • Instinct is everything - always listen to it

  • Never underestimate the power of kindness and how far the ripples of a kind act can spread

  • Lead by example and never ask anyone to do something you aren't prepared to do yourself

  • Always think big and the rest will follow

  • It's amazing what can be achieved by taking baby steps, one day at a time

  • Always be open minded and never turn down an invitation if you can avoid it

  • Value the small things and take time to appreciate them

  • Always be grateful and humble

  • Try to see the positive in any situation, however hard it might be at times

  • Never ignore an opportunity to help someone

  • Fully embrace every opportunity you are blessed with

  • Find the fun in anything you do

  • Treat everyone equally

  • Treasure your loved ones and love them fiercely

  • Never take anything for granted

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Wendy at LPT HQ

Wendy at LPT HQ


Happy International Women’s Day 2019

The mimosa blossom - In Italy IWD is more commonly known as  la Festa della Donna , and the importance of women is celebrated by the giving and receiving of yellow mimosa blossom.

The mimosa blossom - In Italy IWD is more commonly known as la Festa della Donna, and the importance of women is celebrated by the giving and receiving of yellow mimosa blossom.